Smart Education & E-Learning

Seeing the need of the hour we have started E-learning in our classes. As we all know that technology is the need of the hour so we have started taking E-classes for better understanding our students.

We have taken pledge to  help students learn more by converting the classrooms to a Smart Classroom so the visual changes happening would help them learn more .

What are Smart Classrooms ?

Smart class is a new method of teaching recently introduced. Today’s classrooms are in transition. Technology of all sorts is making its way into the classroom and offering new ways to engage learners. The transition is not smooth, nor is it following a single path. Classroom technology was once limited to presentation via VCRs, filmstrips, and slide projectors. Today we find more interactive technology that uses LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, notebook and desktop computers, and tablets such as the iPad.

Helps in Active Learning

Smart boards lead to active learning process where both the teacher and the students are involved. This leads to strong reinforcement of information in students. Smart boards have many advantages and every class room should have it just because of easy learning process. Only a strong motivation is the basic of any learning process and can be carried out in any situation. Thus, it can be said in the end that smart board is such a learning process  where active participation of both the teacher and the students is needed. This increases the interaction between teacher and students during a lesson and the students do not hesitate to ask any question if they have any doubt. It reduces the effort of the lecturer as its most parts are done in the presentation. It is very difficult for the tutorials to continue in a day without break. So this multimedia class is a boon for the students as well as the teachers.


1. Cross Platform : There will never be a problem as the products we used work on Cross Platforms.

3. Reports and Tracking : The reports and tracking helps us in seeing that the student is doing his subject neatly or not. This also helps us to know the weak point of the student.


2. Highly User Friendly and Intuitive Interface : This helps students to understand and Learn faster.

4. Social and mobile capabilities for new age learners


We would like to conclude that Smart Classrooms help in better understanding of Students. It helps in increase of Learning Graph in students. Overall all Parents should opt this service as this benefits Student all way round.