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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is an inborn intelligence assessment system incorporating multiple intelligence. DMIT is a revolution in the field of counseling. Dermatoglyphics is a study of the human brain and it’s capabilities based on the prints found on skin. Multiple Intelligence theory has identified eight distinct intelligences. 

A bit in detail...

Based on the advanced, scientifically proven discipline of Dermatoglyphics, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) studies the unique developmental potential within an individual, by studying the ridges and undulations on fingerprints. Unlike most generic means of talent testing and assessment, like E.Q and I.Q tests, Dermatoglyphics assigns an exclusive, unique identity and result to every individual user based on the unique mapping of genetic information. As no two chromosomes in two different individuals are alike, the Dermatoglyphics information for no two different individuals is alike too.

People have different strengths and intelligences. For example, students who are “interviewed” as a means to gain access to a course may be mislabelled as being less than desirable because of inappropriate assessment (poorly written interview questions, bias toward a perceived “perfect student,” and other narrow criteria). “In life, we need people who collectively are good at different things. A well- balanced world, and well-balanced organizations and teams, are necessarily comprised of people who possess different mixtures of intelligences. This gives that group a fuller collective capacity than a group of identical able specialists”

Dermatoglyphics is derived from the ancient Greek words “Derma” which means skin and “Glyph” which means carving. It is a scientific study of fingerprints. This term was coined by Dr. Harold Cummins – the father of American fingerprint analysis. Dermatoglyphics is the study of the pattern in fingers. These patterns are formed from the external ectoderm and usually occur during the fetal development stage, 13 to 19 weeks after fertilization.  These patterns are unique and help you to reveal your inner potential. It tells you  what field you are good in and also helps you to take the right decision for you future.

You are the only one of your kind in the Whole Universe,
You are UNIQUE and DMIT helps you identify your capabilities (mixture of intelligence).


1. Uniqueness  : There are no  identical fingerprints of person anywhere on the Earth. One’s 10 Finger are also not having the same dermatoglyphics style, strip height, density, quantity and location of the points are not the same as the trigeminal.


2. INVARIANCE :  The patterns raised will never change from birth to death even if it is due to the regeneration of the labor dermatoglyphics style, quantity and profile shape which is determined the same later.

3. HEREDITARY : According to science statistics, immediate family members will be havng more or less the same between the striae. Normal human cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes. If the chromosomes of the tree or structure are changed, it will cause the corresponding striae mutation. Therefore, the striae have inherited the mutation

Benefits of DMIT for Parents

Your child had a unique blend of multiple abilities and intelligence as logical mathematical ability, linguistic ability, musical intelligence and athletic intelligence. By exploring the intelligence of your child you can make him more engaged and competent in a constructive way.

Through DMIT you can know the set of skills that make it possible for your child to solve problems and thus you can work on your child’s future and push him in the right direction.Individuals may take benefit of it by knowing themselves and thus bringing value in their lives. They may find way to lead good life by exploring happiness in all walks of life. Clubbed with Life Coaching they may work upon their coachable goals and may work towards improving their strengths and gaining confidence.

Who should take the DMIT test?

Anyone searching for a life rich with purpose and fulfillment and want to know about :-

  • Choosing Best Career Path for your children based on scientific test results on in-born talent and best career options. 
  • Understanding Learning Style of your children and their Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ,)
  • Understanding Personality Type of your children / family members.
  • To understand and use your own in-born talents effectively for better professional life.
  • Looking for remedies to improve own skills.


The DMIT Test is for all those who want a meaning in life and want to lead a stress free life ahead. This helps you to know in which fields you are good in so that you can take the right path for you future. This test can be taken at any age as the patterns do not change from birth to death.

History of Dermatoglyphics

Dr. Harold Cummins achieved world recognition as the “Father of Dermatoglyphics” or the scientific study of skin ridge patterns found on the palms of human hands. Dermatoglyphics is a Greek word, “Derma” means skin and “Glyp” means carving. The findings of his lifetime studies and the techniques he developed, known as the Cummins Methodology, are accepted as important tools in tracing genetic and evolutionary relationships.

These studies reveal the congenital links between intrinsic quality and fingers of humans. Research in this field has been on for about 2 centuries. Dermatoglyphics has been evidently proven in medicine, anthropology, genetics and medicine. It has been found useful in employee recruitment, human resource management, educational fields, etc. In recent years, application of Dermatoglyphics helped diagnose genetic abnormalities, congenital disorders, Down’s syndrome, etc.

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Disclaimer : The information provided in this analysis belongs to its owner only, in case of a minor the rights of its information are with his legal guardian. By agreeing to this analysis you are giving your fingerprints voluntarily and in case of minor you are representing him/her as a legal guardian or parent. It is also understood that these fingerprints are used only for analyzing and preparing this report. The content of this analysis is only for  reference basis of the scientific research in the field of Dermatoglyphics and statistical study conducted based on the finger print analysis. The decision to follow any instruction, advise, suggestion or recommendation completely depends upon you and you will be solely responsible for the consequences of the same. We as an organization or any of its representatives are not responsible for any consequences under any circumstance. Before taking any crucial decision, please refer to your family doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist. The results are only indicative and the company or any authorized representative of the company shall in no case be liable for failure in any particular course of study or activity recommended in the report or any important decisions taken based on this report. Thus, it should not be used as a standalone instrument for any important decision-making.