About Brilliantmind Education

Who we are

We are a Smart Educational sevice providing company founded by two young entrepenaurs who came together understanding
the need of innovation in the field of Education and consulting sevices for the people around us, especially the
students, parents and the youth.

A little about our Journey....

Brilliantmind Education was  incorporated in June 2018, after teaching as successful academy as Pragya Education Academy.

We are here to help out the today’s youth to find out the talent hidden them. We help children develop their weak areas. We also help them to attain mental peace.

 We are a team of experinced staff who knows how to handle student and help them out in their studies. We take extra effort to make out students understand the concept.

We help the youth to find out the hidden talent and give them the right direction via the DMIT Test. We have counselors to do the best possible counselling of students to help them know what field they can choose ahead in the future.

Our Vision

In today’s era of smart-world where everything is becoming smarter like Phone have become Smart Phones there are many more example out there. Our Company has the vision to make students and people more intelligent by providing them smart Educational services which make their mind brilliant and eventually make them future-smart.

Feedback & Reviews

We have a whole lot of happy students and parents and some of their Feedback and Reviews are here.

” Brilliantmind Education has helped me a lot in achieving good marks in exams. The teaching staff is excellent .”

Janvi Patel


“Brilliantmind helped me to choose the right path for my future due to thier DMIT Test”

Param Shah


” Brilliantmind Education’s Development Program really helped  increasing my concentration and tuning my brain. Really it helped me in increasing my grades in studies “

Sidh Oberoi


Need advice?

Have doubt in choosing career or can’t understand the Pythagoras theorem contact us right now and we’ll help you with the best we can.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.